Aerostar 601B 1977 N9791Q


1977 Aerostar 601B N9791Q

5995 TT

Engines IO-540 S1A5  598/790 SMOH

Props 334/334 Since OH

Aerostar 601B owned and maintained by Retired Army Aviator. Attention to Detail is a requirement when flying, so this airplane has been maintained and brought up to safety Standards….

We have custody of our Grand children and are raising them.  It takes most of our time and flying this beautiful airplane has taken a back seat.  Event though it is a nearly perfect aircraft, we don’t fly it enough to justify owning it. Thinking that we would own if for long time, we put a lot of personal money into it.

It’s a great airplane now and I have put $100K of personal money into it to make it a reliable, safe and comfortable airplane to fly.


Garmin430 WAAS 

Garmin 330 TXP

Garmin Audio panel

King 155 Navcom

Insight Strikefinder


Fuel Flow 450M

Copilot Instruments

Century IV Auto Pilot w/ HSI and Flight Director

Intercom Sys.

Aux. Radio Master Switch

# 2, Nav w/ G/S.

 Copilot Horizon


Machen Fire Detect Sys.
Machen Intercooler’s
Machen VG Kit
Machen Mode Door Elimination Kit
Machen SB-720 Kit
Machen Split Nose Bowl Kit
Machen New Style Oil Scavange Pumps
Machen MLG-Lower Side Brace Kit
Machen MLG-Torque Link Kit
U.C.D. Air Strut
Aux. Hyd. Sys.
Cabin Door Ajar Lite
Pilot & Co-Pilot  Shoulder Harness’s
Low Fuel Warning Lite
115 cu. ft. O2 Cylinder w/ 6 Outlets
O.A.T. Guage
Windshield Alcohol system (Removed)
Map Lite’s

Window Shades

Interior: Blue Leather with Crew Sheepskins, Grey Carpet and Shade Kit

Exterior: Matterhorn White with Blue and Silver accents:

Asking $139,000/Make offer!!!!





Specifications an/or descriptions are provided as introductory information.  They do not constitute representations or warranties of Northern Jet Sales, LLC. Accordingly; you should rely on your own inspection of the aircraft.

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